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ERAN continues online meetings in COVID19 times

ERAN is in business for more than a year now. Throughout its starting year it has contributed to a variety of client initiatives driving their ideas, in conjunction with ERANs dedicated focus, bringing them step by step towards reality. As of us all we have been confronted with worldwide pandemic COVID19. This limited the amount of conferences and gatherings to zero events in the last ¾ of 2020. Throughout this last year online meetings where organized and ERAN has participated in various amounts of them. The trust, support and mutual efficiency it has brought between ERAN and its customers has been a fruitful path. ERAN will continue to add value to existing client base and it project development initiatives and where possible attend the virtual meetings to stay in contact with those involved in the (inter)national natural resource industry. Continuing expanding its business offering from natural resource management, asset management, consulting and project development. In order to nurture them!

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