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ERAN project managing

(Project-) management

The core of ERAN expertise is getting it done with the team. Regardless which phase of the project we onboard, we quickly blend-in the existing organization and highlight the  actions needed to bring your organization and projects further. With the extensive experience in complex earth mineral resource extraction businesses, it is ERANs nature to effectively communicate what needs to be done at the right time and order. Working with the (project)team, with an overall view and where needed supporting the existing team with getting the tasks done. For track record please contact us.

Total project due diligence

When clients have neared financial close for projects, they want to be sure they have not overlooked any mayor potential pitfalls. Do they need to go left, right or straight ahead towards financial close? Here ERAN can assist the clients with a constructive approach to highlight potential focus points. This can be best done during project build-up, so to reflect at intermitted time periods to enable to steer the project to a solid investor proof undertaking. On the other side the investors would like to have projects evaluated and benchmarked against other equal complex projects. Those clients contact ERAN for their technical expertise in earth resource  related business investments.

ERAN Crossing roads Due Diligence

Business Case Evaluation

A non earth resource business knows a 3 to 5 year business plan is required, since investors will look for their investment return in that timeframe. However within the earth resource business industry business cases over a 10 year life span is more common than exceptional. This is exact what ERAN understands. Business plans may be internally or externally focused, depending on the need of the audience. ERAN can be the mirror of having the right tone in the plan and along the way comment and help you to include all potential risks involved, in such a way that your targets will be met, once the business case is approved. For track record please contact us.

Change Management

Regardless of all the best efforts, from either; the persons in the boardroom or people at the workshop, to embrace the change as an everyday necessity to move ahead in day to day business, its often that the pathways are not always aligned.

ERAN recognizes this relatively quickly after several cross functional interviews at different levels of the organization. Identifying the “as is” status and “to be” goals are going hand in hand with people evaluation and system analyses. Those together will bring the roadmap forward in the path to follow to change, tailored to your organization and earth resource business.

Together we stand in order to make the change happen and with mutual agreed pace of speed, without jeopardizing your bottom line results. Please contact us to define your path to change!