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We plainly comprehend that you need to bring your projects and businesses further. In these days of energy change and carbon footprint reduction you don’t want to be distracted and lose focus from your day to day business. Fast and solid integration of new energy and mining related solutions is what you eager for and is what ERAN can bring with you to reality.

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Business Quality Policy

In our continues business services and solution offering; the Plan, Do, Check and Act methodology is in bedded in the core of what we do. This guaranties a structured client business service provider relationship of continues open transparent communication of the offered solution. This via quotation description,  execution, evaluation questionnaire and adjustment action, all captured via our in-house database management system.

Our Advisors

Have a wide range of experience in permitting application, pre-feasability, feasability, finance closure, project realisation, operational execution, installation maintenance and abandonment execution, within the (sustainable) energy, mining and digital business sectors. Always having a high priority on QHSE and budgetting. This in advisory roles as well as direct end responsible roles in small start-up firms as well as global, stock-exchange listed multinationals.

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