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When existing businesses embark on large investment intensive, high risk change projects, its good to not rely only on internal checks and balances. ERAN can provide an external, reliable, trustworthy, hands-on challenging partner, which has eye for detail but does not overlook the bigger picture.

Regardless its brain-storm project initialization stage, permitting, planning, project definition, execution or ongoing operational and organizational changes, ERAN can be your partner to get your corporate, investor or shareholder owner questions asked and answered. Read more…

Local and global operators have huge responsibilities in maintaining their license to operate in an ever changing world. Focus on energy transition, carbon footprint and circular economy within the resource industry are every day more important. Within the drilled resource industry its evident that excellent stakeholder management and technical capabilities goes hand in hand. ERANs partners have experienced this from first hand in different positions in the industry. With a brought overview of every aspect of the drilled resource operational phases, ERAN can assist your business with the best of its capabilities. Read more to discover where ERANs partners can give your guidance or support in.

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15 Years Experience

Within the last 15 years the experiences of ERAN have been in a wide range of business sectors. From earth resource mining IT software implementation and consultancy, towards oil&gas, salt and geothermal drilling engineering & workover services, towards executive board-room business-case defense and earth resource project idea initiation towards execution, organizations have relied on ERAN partners to get it done with intensive teamwork and involving all stakeholders at the right time and at the right moment.

Effective Team Work

For years different companies have relied on the ERAN partners to be in the centre point of different organisations in critical roles to their business succes. With that its evident that colabrative effective team work is at the basement of that succes. Whether those teams are within the orgasinations or outside contractor teams.

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