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ERAN Drilled Engergy Sources

Well drilling project management support

Drilling multiple wells in a sequence is what major companies can afford to do, but if you’re a mid or small company and only drilling once in a life time or maybe intermitting one or two wells in 5 years it’s by far a regular sequence. It’s hard to keep your knowledge of project management, contract management, stakeholder management and public awareness up to date. Here its ERAN who can help you to get up to speed or support you in your endeavours of drilling wells, regardless if its oil, gas, salt, geothermal, or CCS or storage wells. Our main expertise lays within the European drilling market, specifically in The Netherlands.

Well workover project management support

When it comes to servicing your deep wells, loads of stakeholders need to be brought on-board or being informed at the right pace of the project. Regardless if they are technical services providers, internal team members or external interested parties. Technical service people and well engineers would like to focus on getting the technical challenges done in an efficient matter, not always being able to focus on the administrative, communicational and stakeholder management side of the project. Interdepartmental information sharing and external publication of technical facts need a different look than the well data interpretation during workover projects. ERAN is fully aware of those needs and can fulfill this void between technical project managers, upper management and other internal or external stakeholders, always keeping the technical complexities top of mind. Please contact us to find out what we can bring to your team.

ERAN well workover services

Well operational support